Protect Your Home Even While You Are Away

Your family and everything you own needs a high level of protection and security all the time. This can only be achieved the moment you gain efficient access to technology that provides you with the confidence to monitor what’s going on back home. At Network Security Systems, our systems offer that kind of protection 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Network Security provides efficient local services that include system consultations, installation, and monitoring.

Receive Alerts Instantaneously

Our Alarm Systems provide high-tech conveniences that allow you to receive alerts via email or text.  These alerts can include something as simple as when your children or employees arm or disarm the alarm system, to something as critical as your Alarm System being activated or any trouble signals.  However remote you might be when these situations arise, you get instantaneous email or text notifications through your mobile or desktop devices.

No Phone Line?  No Problem!

Most Alarm Systems are set up to communicate with our Monitoring Station over existing telephone lines.  However more than half of Canadians either don’t use or have abandoned traditional landlines together.  Network Security Systems can provide GSM Cellular Monitoring that provides excellent security for everyone:

  • Homes and businesses that are mobile phone-only
  • Homes and businesses with landlines but wanting additional line security
  • Homes and businesses that subscribe to VOIP services

Monitor Efficiently

Our security systems are controlled via a central ULC monitoring station. You can efficiently monitor what’s going on through a telephone line or a GSM-powered device. In locations where there is no telephone line access, we install GSM components to enable a high-level system to secure the home expediently.

ULC Monitoring Advantage

Why is it important that our Monitoring Station is ULC-certified?  First of all, in order for a Monitoring Station to qualify for ULC certification, they must agree to ongoing onsite inspections to ensure the extent of physical protection & communication meets their standards (for instance, the station must have proper backup in case of equipment failures or black outs).  ULC standards also require that operators’ onsite only deal with alarm monitoring and no other applications of business to ensure their availability and reliability.  Many insurance companies covering Commercial businesses require ULC Monitoring for these reasons – why not choose it for your home as well?

Multiple Alarm Device Options

We install alarm and monitoring devices that offer ideal home security solutions. You can choose from the following to install in your home:

  • Standard Sleek Wired Alarms
  • Wireless Alarms
  • Interactive Touchscreen Interface Alarms

The following devices can be added to your existing or new Alarm System for added coverage –

  • Burglary Devices (Motions, Glass break Sensors, Door Contacts)
  • Carbon Monoxide Detectors, Methane Gas, Heat and Fire Devices
  • Sump and Floor Flood Detectors
  • Low Temperature Sensors
  • Medical Emergency Buttons
  • Panic/Hold Up Buttons

Medical Alarm Systems

Network Security Systems can install medical devices to your existing alarm system, or you can install a separate independent system specifically for Medical use.  Our Wireless Medical Buttons can be worn as a necklace or on your wrist and are water resistant.  By pressing the button, a Network Security Systems operators will:

  • Call the home to check and confirm emergency situation status
  • Call family or household members to provide notifications
  • Dispatch an ambulance to the home of the user

Referral & New Client Programs

New clients receive 6 months of free monitoring on the first year of service. We offer 3 months of free monitoring to customers that make successful client referrals to us.

Contact us today to learn more about home alarm systems. Call us at 613-546-6633 for free quotes, installation, and monitoring service requests.