Makes Perfect Business Sense!

Operate Business Areas With Confidence

Network Security Systems provides many of the same services to Commercial applications that we provide to residential clients.  We can Supply and Install Burglary, Fire, and Panic  Devices to your new or existing System, as well as service and install Card Access and Intercom Systems.  We also provide 24-hour Emergency Elevator telephone Monitoring services.

Standard and Interactive Options

Network Security Systems provides Standard Wired Alarm System as well as Wireless and Interactive Systems.  With the interactive Systems, you can personally take control of your System and it allows you to arm and disarm your system remotely, check your account status and take photos of anyone that tampers or arms/disarms the system.

No Phone Line?  No Problem!

Most Alarm Systems are set up to communicate with our Monitoring Station over existing telephone lines.  However more than half of Canadians either don’t use or have abandoned traditional landlines together.  Network Security Systems can provide GSM Cellular Monitoring that provides excellent security for everyone:

  • Homes and businesses that are mobile phone-only
  • Homes and businesses with landlines but wanting additional line security
  • Homes and businesses that subscribe to VOIP services

We can use your EXISTING equipment

Network Security Systems can generally use your existing Alarm Controllers and equipment, as long as you own the alarm equipment and your previous alarm company did not program a lock out feature.  We do not charge for a technician to come onsite and reprogram and test your existing system if you decide to have Network Security Systems monitor your existing system.

Panic Alarms

Panic Alarms can be installed and monitored easily by wiring them to a desk or they can be wireless and worn by the user throughout the building.  By pressing these buttons, your employee can activate either a silent or audible alarm which will notify our operators to dispatch the proper authorities.

Referral & New Client Programs

New clients receive 6 months of free monitoring on the first year of service. We offer 3 months of free monitoring to customers that make successful client referrals to us.

Contact us today at 613-546-6633 for a free consultation and quote for a Commercial Alarm System Installation or to take over your existing Commercial Alarm System.